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I am so excited to share with Y’all, with the guidance from some wonderful colleagues, new fabulous changes are in store for my website, The Fur Agreements and all my work. We are right in the middle of the a major site upgrade which will make things run so much smoother for myself and my team. In the mean time, please feel free to use the sign up box above so you can receive updates and announcements! I CANNOT WAIT to share with Y’all the exciting happenings coming in 2016!

Kittyhuggs & Power to the Paw!!!

Dr. Tricia Working

Meet Dr. Tricia

Atlanta native, speaker, and writer, Dr. Tricia Working brings a cadre of experience and expertise to her work both spiritually & within mainstream America.

She has over ten years of experience with the Georgia legislature, seven years experience in shelter management, and fifteen years in education. She founded Paws for Thought Animal Foundation in 1993 and currently serves President of the Southern Regional Business Council, as well as serving as an Author/Mentor with the Womens’ Life Link.

Dr. Tricia Working is an ordained minister, a certified Spiritual Coach & Counselor, author of The Fur Agreements and America’s expert in Animals, Consciousness and Spirituality.

Meet Dr. Tricia Working, author of The Fur Agreements

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August 19th

Heart Note There is much pain within me tonite – remembering my animals & their passings – Sable is with me, my almost constant companion since Ebony died. And now I receive news that Mama is fading – sadness, guilt mixing in. – need for my heart’s companions for...

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Intersections As we attempt to raise our vibrational frequency, pursue our purpose, and live in Spirit, we so often come up against dualities.  We are told to follow our path, release the negative and limiting aspects of our being, be in the space of those who are of...

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Representing Yourself

Representing Yourself  In my journey with words and language, I have recently stumbled upon another concept – that of Representation.  I have been hearing friends use the phrase “I must stand up for myself”, have even used it myself occasionally.  I have noticed in...

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