The Fur Agreements

Dr Tricia and pets

The Fur Agreements is for anyone who has looked into the eyes of a beloved pet and found their own heart.

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It is a book about, for, and because of the animals in our world and the missions they come to us with – the agreements they make with the Divine to be our Wayshowers on the path to our emerging true humanity.

Animals have souls.

Each animal on the planet came here with a divine mission to serve mankind. The animals in your life; your beloved dogs, cats, horses, and other pets, have a mission to serve and protect you and your family.

On many levels you know this already. Think of the acceptance you felt when you walked in the door and your dog was thrilled to see you, even after a day when everyone else in the world gave you the cold shoulder. Remember the times your cat knew just when to nuzzle and comfort you. Your animals are not dumb. They know you and love you dearly.

The Fur Agreement Book link Dr. Tricia Working has been gifted with the ability to heal and communicate with animals. Because of her great love for all animals and her lifetime of service to them, she was granted an awesome responsibility: to share the soul contracts that animals have here on earth, as well as what we as humans can do to love them best.

Tricia put this information in The Fur Agreements.

In this inspiring and thought-provoking book, you'll discover the soul-to-soul connection between people and animals, including:

  • How our pets become our teachers and protectors
  • Why we bond so quickly with the animals we love
  • What to do when your beloved pet is ill or hurting
  • Ways to survive the death of your beloved pet and make it a spiritual experience for you both

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