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Realigned My Relationships With All My Pets.

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Joseph "Coyote Joe" Houseman,
Animal Lover

"While I was reading The Fur Agreements, my dog Strider got a pretty nasty cut on his foot. He’s very sensitive about having his feet touched, and we’ve always dreaded having to treat problems involving his feet. With the insights from Dr. Tricia’s book we were able to approach healing with a new respect for Strider’s spirit and an awareness that helped tremendously with changing his bandages and treating his wound, and it healed beautifully without further trips to the vet. Beyond this amazing help, The Fur Agreements has realigned my relationships with all my pets for the better, and the love I feel for all animals has a deeper context in my life."

On a Sacred Mission

"Dr. Tricia Working is on a sacred mission to connect all of us to the majesty and divinity of the animal kingdom. In her lifetime of working with many kinds of animals in a wide variety of circumstances, she brings a heart to this story that will touch yours. The Fur Agreements is worth reading ~ and every animal who is dear to you will be so happy you did. Thank you, Tricia!"

~ Maia Beatty, The Powerful Presence Trainer & Coach, author of Dance into Your Power

Be Open and See the Truth

"I invite you all to sit back and grab this book with a cup of coffee… snuggle up in a blanket along with your dog or cat (etc.) and experience the joy of having a pet in your life. As a Practitioner of Religious Science, I am always aware of the Truth in all things and I know there is only love or either fear to experience.

Tricia shared so much about animals that I had never been aware of. As you read The Fur Agreements, Tricia reveals some of the things she shared with me. I invite you to be open and to see the Truth as she showed me. I also ask you to read with your heart and soul and open your mind to doing the right thing. What I know now through awareness she gave me is that all animals have souls and they love and fear just as you and I do. God is in them just as much as he resides in each of us."

~ Lyssa Bozeman - Interior Designer, Montgomery

Tricia was visited by The Blue Angel, a heavenly being who is the patron of all animals. The Blue Angel shared special healing prayers and affirmations which can be used to help animals heal or make a peaceful transition back to the Divine. These prayers and affirmations have already created miracles….and are included for you in The Fur Agreements.

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