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Liberates Us from Old Delusions.

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"Dr. Tricia Working’s devotion to helping us understand the deeper wisdom and spirituality of animals is not only inspirational, but a blessing to both animals and ourselves as well. Her passion is contagious and the insights she shares can liberate us from old delusions and help build a more loving and wise world for all of us."

~ Will Tuttle, Ph.D., pianist, composer, and former Zen monk, author of the #1 Amazon best-seller, The World Peace Diet, and recipient of the Courage of Conscience Award.

There Are Times and Place Medicine Cannot Explain

"The Fur Agreements is not an easy read but it is an important read, it is a book whose time has come. I first read the sample chapters, finding myself intrigued, decided that I had to read the entire book. Being a veterinarian, I had to read the book on two levels, as a scientist and a man of spirit. As I read the stories and experiences that Dr. Tricia described, I was reminded of my own two dogs, Spike and Tina, whom I had rescued and were so bonded together. I remembered well that when the time came and Tina passed, Spike took it so hard, would sleep in Tina’s bed, carry her toys around, visibly seeming to be grieving for the lost sibling.

I began to really think about the times where there just seemed to be a feeling that perhaps we were being visited from beyond. I have known Dr. Tricia for a number of years and have seen examples of her work with her own animals and often times there were just no words to explain how suddenly a cat got better, or in Zanzibar’s case, cheated death multiple times. I believe that there are times and places that medicine just cannot explain and that The Fur Agreements speaks to the heart of this message."

~ Dr. T.C. Branch, DVM, Oporto Animal Clinic affirmations have already created miracles .... and are included for you in The Fur Agreements.

Illustrates The Amazing Roles of Our Animal Friends

Black & White Cat

"Tricia thanks for baring your soul and touching our hearts with your candid animal companion experiences. Your book illustrates the amazing roles that our animal friends have in our personal and spiritual growth. It also guides us to take an emotional exploration of our personal encounters with animals, what they meant to us and how they changed our lives. Well done!"

~ Colleen Flanagan, The Emotions Whisperer,

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