The Fur Agreements

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There is a Magical Connection Between Animals and Humanity ... And The Time Has Come to Explore the Deeper Meaning Within the Relationships You Have With Your Pets

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~ Michael Lightweaver,
Mountain Light Sanctuary

"The Fur Agreements is a book whose time has come ... As humanity continues its ever-evolving struggle toward a greater consciousness of the oneness of all life, The Fur Agreements is a beacon of light, showing us the way into a future whose hallmark will be compassion and a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all creation."

~ Kumari Mullin,
Animal Mystic/Intuitive Healer

"The Fur Agreements has clearly captured the depth and breadth of the Spiritual consciousness that flows so readily and so compellingly through our animal brethren. This important and powerful work calls us to a higher awareness and commitment not just to our animals, but to ourselves, for as we glimpse life through the mirror of their loving eyes, we strive to embody the unconditional nature of their love and forgiveness."

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