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Is it possible to receive messages from a beloved pet who has passed on?

Yes, it is!

After 30 years of research and communicating with animals, Dr. Tricia Working says YES! Over the past 50 years Pets have transformed from farm animals to confidants and healers. They are very special members of your family. In fact for many they are the only family they have. This special bond can last a lifetime and beyond.

    Dr. Trish Working is the author of “The Fur Agreements” and she will share:

  • Your pet does indeed have a message for you.
  • Your pet is a spiritual being sent here with a mission
  • The story of Barney Beagle Basset Hound who sent text messages for several months after his death.
  • What’s a FUR Agreement?
  • What happens when your pet dies? Will you ever see it again?

Dr. Tricia Working is the author of The Fur Agreements and is America’s foremost expert in animals, consciousness and spirituality. To book an interview with Dr. Tricia call: 205-401-9866 or email her.

I am about consciousness in all that we do, gifted by Spirit with a unique ability for healing pets & people. My connection to Spirit blesses me by allowing me to see into the soul. It is through here that I support guardians & their pets to create deeper relationships by focusing on 'The Power in the Paw'. Quirky & fun, but with such a deep heart, let me show you how much better it can be for both you & your animal companions!

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Media Release

Webinar Announcement
Cecil the Lion
Victim, Volunteer or Victor?

Thursday, August 20, 2015
12 noon Central Time


Presented by:

Dr. Tricia Working, author of The Fur Agreements, speaker, founder of Paws for Thought Animal Foundation, Animal Consciousness Expert

This Webinar is for:

Anyone interested in the meaning behind Cecil’s manner of death. If you are wondering if Cecil is still with us and wonder what he would like to share with us now, this is the Webinar for you!


This webinar will delve into the meaning behind Cecil’s passage, why it happened and how this can affect society in the future.


If you would like to post questions for Dr. Tricia, please send them no later than 4pm CT Wednesday August 19, 2015 to mshpaws@icloud.com.

For more information on 'The Fur Agreements”, Paws for Thought Animal Foundation or to receive support with your pet, contact Dr. Tricia through her Facebook page or email address at dr.triciaworking@yahoo.com. You may also contact Dr. Tricia through her Administrative Assistant Mary at mshpaws@icloud.com.

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